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Eva Turner Elementary School Building


Eva Turner served as an educator for nearly half a century. Her teaching career began in 1913 in Bryantown. She went on to teach in Clinton, Accident and Brandywine, Md. In 1928 Turner received a $300 award from President Herbert Hoover for having the second best lesson plans on safety education in the nation.

To improve her knowledge of social studies, Turner traveled to every state in the United States excluding New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. She also traveled to Canada, the West Indies, Nova Scotia and Bermuda.

In 1930 Turner became principal of Waldorf Elementary School and remained there until she retired in 1966.

Turner was born in Aquasco, Md. on Oct. 28, 1893. She died on Jan. 7, 1971, at the age of 78.

Expect SUCCESS – NOthing less... We make NO EXCUSES! 


The mission of Eva Turner Elementary School is to empower all students to become successful, productive citizens by creating a safe and orderly learning environment that promotes both academic and social success for every student.